Chapter 7: Shadowy Figure #2

Marie pushed through her own dark thoughts as she stormed away. History wasn’t something she needed to dwell on. With mind in turmoil, she didn’t check to see what was before her. Her precision and cold disdain were gone with a brief bout of emotional turmoil. When the dark being met her gaze, she froze, the brief bout extending to not-so-brief.

“You shouldn’t go any further,” he cooed, seeming to rise and grow taller although, he was already a good ten feet or more taller than Jim.

“We must,” Chrom was quick to assert. The rest of the party was arriving and surveying their newest problem. In front of them was a large room with three doors: one of gold, one of silver, and one of obsidian. Blocking their way was a shadowy, colossal being and his horde of undead soldiers.

“Come, my dear, bad decisions don’t become you,” the being said, his dark, shadowy form reaching out toward the group. Marie took a step back, her chest tightening. Of all the times to run into him, why now?

“Get out of our way,” Bender yelled, he began charging down the steps. The dark being laughed, he had no intention of letting their quest continue.

From the ceiling, a dark red portal erupted. A lone figure emerged, badly beaten with an angry fire still burning in her ash grey eyes. Around her, Marie’s companions livened. She could only assume they knew the half orc. From the portal a powerful and vicious screech boomed, the exact likeness of the first figure appeared. But she was not beaten, she was like a storm in the distance –one that you dreaded as it drew near.

“The Queen,” Jim growled.

“And she’s got Katymar,” Adalos said, “stay close, we’ll fight them as they come to us.”

Bender had already ignored that idea. He found himself amidst the horde. Back and forth he swung his blade, screaming at the dark being who giggled with contempt.


“I’ll let you handle this one my pet,” he spoke to the Queen, his hands stretched and expanded as he pulled himself into the portal above them all. Smoke billowed from his body and Marie could have sworn she felt something stroke her cheek and he disappeared.

There was no time to dwell on the odd being, only time to attack.

Assuming her fighting stance, Marie took out the closest skeletal being to her. It clattered in to dust at her feet but more kept coming. Bender, still stuck in the middle of the battle, was swinging wildly moving closer and closer to where Katymar and the Queen were battling. Haro sprung to defend Jim, who in turn bashed in the heads of two undeads to his right. Adalos waited patiently as they drew near, dispatching them quickly as the advanced too close. Chrom and Diarus had taken up defensive stances, lighting fire to some and breaking ribs with their staffs.

Despite their fragility, the sheer number began to take their toll. Bender was now surrounded, he swung ferociously but there was no way to hit them. Seeing his struggle, Haro rushed out to help him and Jim followed trying to help. Chrom and Diarus began rounding the other way, trying to get to Katymar who was struggling to keep the Queen at bay. Marie and Adalos alone remained, watching as the swarm grew and enveloped them all like a tidal wave.

Marie saw her chance to assist Bender and rushed forward. Only to be met by a giant undead. It swung its mace and her nimble legs betrayed her. The mace smashed into her side and she flew against an outside wall then fell to the flood. Aching and wheezing, she tried to stand but it was too late–the undead were upon her. She took blow after blow, her eyesight began to betray her. Her companions had not fared any better.

Haro lay bleeding and unconscious on the floor as Jim tried desperately to heal her and keep the undead back. Bender was still thrashing in the middle, but ever he had grown weaker. Katymar was against a wall, cornered by the Queen. Chrom was setting fire, but he too was running out of strength. Diarus lay still, against a pillar his beloved bow staff just out of reach. Only Adalos seemed calm and unafraid. Then time stopped.

Well, reversed really. It was as if everything had been a hazy dream and Marie found herself back at the top of the stairs the dark being just vanishing into the portal. “This time,” Adalos said, “stick to the stairs.”

Marie’s eyes widened with realization, she turned to stare at the Infreed. She did know him, probably more than he knew himself. His face hardened as he held Bender from rushing down the stairs. Marie turned her attention back to horde, a smirk flickering at the edge of her lips. She felt a rush of power as white fire exploded from above and began devouring the horde.



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