The Party

Adalos: (Picture yet to be found or made) A charming infreed monk, bent on doing the right thing.



A pensive rogue with more than one secret.







An elvish archer with a quick wit and brashness that defies normal intelligence. However, he knows how to get himself out of every pickle he gets himself into.



A stubborn dwarf in it for whacking things and people apart.






Clary Haro: 

The cheerful halfling whose drive for adventure is fueled by curiosity and boldness.








The cleric who is desperate to stay beside his childhood friend, Adalos, and save the world.








A peaceful elf druid who is on a quest to save the forest he calls home.





 A hardcore half-orc ranger, fierce in every aspect.











A quiet wizard, trying to understand the world and fix it. 





Sir Orion the White, Knight of the Realm:                                  Kevin:






Orion’s faithful direwolf, she’s a girl.



This half-orc barbarian isn’t the brightest of creatures, but he knows where his loyalties lie and will not rest until he gets his vengeance.




A mysterious monk from the future and friend to Diearas.








A young ranger with a tragic history.










Kaname Cleonus:

A young kitsune who enjoys flirting and has an interesting relationship with Astrea.